50th ABSO Meeting, 2016
Video Presentations

Julian O'Neill
Problem Canines—Does The Evidence Base Help Me?

Simon Freezer
What’s Changing—Predicting Treatment Outcomes from Precedent Cases and 3D Facial Modelling

Doreen Ng
Lasers in Orthodontics—Is it Worth the Hype?

David Sarver
2016 Milton Sims Lecture—Digital Orthodontics

Ali Darendeliler
Two Decades of Changes and Must-Haves

Melissa Nguyen
The Influence of Cortical Bone Thickness on Miniscrew Microcrack Formation

Julian O'Neill
Orthodontics—A European Perspective

Manie Wang
An Objective Method of Evaluating Orthodontic Treatment from the Lay Perspective: An Eye Tracking Study

Mark Leedham
East Timor Cleft Palate Update

Tony Weir
Clear Aligner Treatment—What You Really Should Know!

John Fricker
Incorporating Change Into Practice

Peter Ellies
Dentistry! In Broome

Julian O'Neill
The Smile—A Revolution In Western Art

Mithran Goonewardene
Facilitating Asymmetrical Tooth Movement with Temporary Anchor Devices

Ravi Kamisetty
Stability of Orthognathic Surgery in Cleft Lip and/or Palate Patients

Andrew Savundra
Orthodontic Treatment of Two Sets of Identical Twins

Stephan Oleshenko
The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Kwong Hing
Orthopulse Photobiomodulation · Part 1

Kwong Hing
Orthopulse Photobiomodulation · Part 2

David Sarver
Orthodontics—How It Has Changed and What You Need to Know About It

Craig Dreyer
Six and Out

Emmanuel Chan
The Effects of Micro-osteoperforations on Orthodontic Root Resorption

John & Jan Owen
Kimberly Dental Team. Volunteering in the Outback

Louis-Charles Roisin
Dental Monitoring—The New Standard of Orthodontic Care

David Sarver
Stump the Doctor

Ashley Smith
Insignia and the Benefit Anchorage System: The Perfect Marriage