52nd ABSO Meeting, 2018
Video Presentations

Carlos Flores Mir
The Milton Sims Lecture
Class II with Fixed Class II Correctors: Do We Always Get into the Camouflage Sweet Spot?

Elise McConnell
The Traumatised Central Incisor — A Clinical Case

Andrew Cheng
3D Computer Models from CBCTs as an Adjunct to Surgery Design and the Manufacture of Splints

Mike Razza and Brent Allan 
1. Cutting Edge Technology for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 

2. From 2D And Articulators To 3D Virtual Surgical Planning.

3. Surgery First Versus Consensus Treatment in Orthognathic Surgery

Declan Dreyer 
Virtual Surgical Planning for Orthognathic Surgery Bone Plates

Bjorn Ludwig 
Strategies for the Replacement of Missing Anterior Teeth Without Implants

Carlos Flores Mir
Winter Is Coming. These Impacted-Displaced Canines Will Ruin My Fee Calculation

Heinz Winsauer 
Mini-Implants Driven Space Opening and Space Closure in the Mandible

Bjorn Ludwig
Bone-Borne Rapid Palatal Expanders

Raymond Lam 
Virtual Surgical Planning for Orthognathic Surgery Bone Plates

Simon Freezer
Forensic Odontology — Victim Identification From Automated Facial Reconstruction

Bjorn Ludwig
Miniscrew Insertion Conventional or Digital

Don Gilchrist 
“The Beauty Premium” Some Social Aspects of Facial Form

Bethany Cunning 
Comparative Assessment of Survival, Stability and Occlusal Settling Between Different Wear Regimes of Two Types of Thermoplastic Retainers: A Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial

Hans Booij
Evidence-Based Tooth Extraction for Orthodontics 4 5 6 or 7

Ari Sciaca
Digital Advancments in Orthodontics

Carlos Flores Mir
Early Class II Malocclusion Management in Growing Patients — How Early Makes Sense

Nour Tarraf
Palatal TADs in Clinical Practice Applications Beyond Space Closure

Katie Xu
Dental Arch Expansion How When and Why