Postgraduate Students

All Australian and New Zealand post-graduates students are invited to meetings of The Australasian Begg Society of Orthodontists (ABSO), which was formed in 1966.  These meetings encompass a wide range of themes covering all areas of contemporary clinical and research based orthodontics. 

Whilst the Society continues to celebrate the ideals, progressive thinking and philosophy of Dr Begg, the group embraces topics of interest to all orthodontic philosophies and techniques and has a long tradition of encouraging and supporting postgraduate students.

One initiative is the introduction of two postgraduate Awards each valued at $500, one for best lecture presentation and the other for best poster or tabled clinical case.

A number of 15 minutes lecture presentations are scheduled into the scientific programme to accommodate student presentations. These can be either a clinical case presentation or be based on your clinical research.  Typically these presentations will be most suitable for final year students, although students from all year levels are invited to apply.

It may not be possible to accommodate all postgraduate lecture presentations and some students may prefer to table a case or a research based poster.

Students wishing to be eligible for the best student lecture presentation will need to forward an expression of interest, together with a lecture title and short synopsis to the Society at least two months before the ABSO meeting at which they wish to present. Students wishing to present a poster or table a case presentation should also advise the organising committee beforehand.

Special postgraduate rates for meeting registration are set to make ABSO meetings affordable for you.

Please contact ABSO here.