Begg Medallion Awards

All delegates are invited and encouraged to present a clinical case at National Clinical Meetings. The Begg Medallion is awarded for the most outstanding case, demonstrating exceptional clinical management and quality of presentation.

Dr Iain Edwards
Adelaide, 1981

Dr John Jenner
Alice Springs, 1984

Dr John Reading
Sydney, 1986

Dr Scott French
Sydney, 1987

Dr Michael Rouse
Hong Kong, 1988

Dr James Mackie
Darwin, 1990

Dr William Weekes
Canberra, 1991

Dr John Jenner
Hobart, 1992

Dr Michael Loader
Sydney, 1993

Dr Guy Burnett
Adelaide, 1994



Dr James Mackie
Sydney, 1995

Dr Morris Rapaport
Sydney, 1996

Dr Wayne Sampson
Adelaide, 1997

Dr Russell Kift
Leura, 1999

Dr Maureen Parlange
Leura, 1999

Dr Doyle Baldridge
Kangaroo Island, 2001

Dr Brett Kerr
Adelaide, 2002

Dr Guy Burnett
Uluru, 2004

Dr John Fricker
Launceston, 2007