51st ABSO Meeting, 2017
Video Presentations

Dr Chris Chang
Simplified Mechanics For Challenging Cases Part 1

Dr Chris Chang
Simplified Mechanics For Challenging Cases Part 2

Dr Vandana Katyal
Let's Get Virtual

Prashanthan Sooriakumaran
The Role of Osteocyte Apoptosis in the Thermally Induced Ankylotic Lesion in the Rat Model

Dr William Luong
The Re-use of Orthodontic Miniscrews

Dr James Jasper
Class 2 Correction with the Vektor Appliance Part 1

Dr Sam Bennett
Management of Surgical Cases

Dr Chris Chang
Extraction vs Non Extraction. A Reasonable Treatment Plan

Dr Brian Finn
Orthognathic Treatment Planning—A Pilot's Approach

Dr Seong Seng Tan
Evidence-based Orthodontics in Suburbia—Academic or Practical

Dr Ray Miles
Tooth Movement After De-banding

M Lewis, V Lum, L Chow
Our Experience of Micro-implant-assisted Rapid Maxillary Expansion

Dr Morris Rapaport
Begg Medallion Case Presentation

Prof Junji Sugawara
Surgery First Approach for Various Types of Skeletal Malocclusion

Dr Morris Rapaport
Dealing with Unerupted Canines and Closing Missing Molar Spaces Using Invisalign

Prof Junji Sugawara
Interdisciplinary Dento-facial Therapy With Application of TADs

Yasmine Healy
Workplace Laws for Orthodontic Practices

Dr Alice Wong
Orthognathic Surgery: Current Practice and Future Trends

Prof Junji Sugawara
Non-surgical Open Bite Correction with Skeletal Anchorage

Dr Mark Leedham
Cleft Lip and Palate in Timor Leste

Dr Craig Dreyer
Cleft Lip and Palate Incidence and Aetiology

Dr John Fricker
Cleft Lip and Palate—East Timor Project